Collarbone Pain

What Is Collarbone Pain? The Collarbone Pain clavicle better known as the collarbone, is the bone that connects the shoulder

Green Stool

What Causes Green Stools? What Causes Green Stools – Nothing causes a great deal of worry to people than the


What is Tizanidine? Tizanidine acts as a mild relaxer to the muscles which works when the pain is severe enough


What is Menometrorrhagia? Menometrorrhagia is a Latin term for irregular menstrual bleeding which occurs during menstruation or during any time

EyeLash Mites

What are EyeLash Mites? The EyeLash Mites  is one of the many parasites that live on the human body without

Cloudy Urine

What is Cloudy Urine? Although urine is usually clear, with a hint of yellow color, having cloudy urine is quite

Ocular Migraine

What is Ocular Migraine? Ocular migraine is a confusing term. The most appropriate term would be a migraine that has

Ingrown Pubic Hair

What is Ingrown Pubic Hair? Ingrown Pubic Hair occur when hair fails to grow into the surface of the skin